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DPET Fellowship Recruitment Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Jo Ellen Rodgers
Thank you for your questions. Yes, only J-1 visa is allowed at our university for fellowship training. Our industry sponsors are primarily looking for trainees with a clinical background (PharmD or MD), primarily PharmD. It is not that someone with a non-clinical degree (e.g., PhD) can not be competitive, but they will likely have gained similar experiences through additional training, certificate programs or other.
Jo Ellen Rodgers
The majority of programs will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. With that said, we anticipate initial interviews will not occur until later in October. A second round of interviews will occur in November with a final interview the first week of December.
Jo Ellen Rodgers
Leana, most industry fellows are new graduates from pharmacy school. No residency is required given you are pursuing a career path that does not involved direct patient care.
Jo Ellen Rodgers
Amy, yes - academic fellowships require a PGY1 residency. The rationale is that your future career in academic will likely involve some direct patient care. If you would like to discuss academic fellowships, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.
Jo Ellen Rodgers
Samantha, you only need to designate the specific programs you are applying to in your on-line applications. With that said, it does not hurt to allude to why you are interested in a specific functional area and/or why you are a good fit to succeed in that area. I hope this makes sense. If you are applying to more than one functional group, then admittedly doing that will be more challenging.
Jo Ellen Rodgers
We can look into either posting the slides on our website and/or emailing to all attendees directly. We do plan to post the recording of this webinar to the website.